Active Clay Packages

Active Clay Packages

Obtained by natural treatment of bentonites, it is a high quality humidifier with its ecofriendly and high adsorption capacity, consisting of completely natural clay minerals with no synthetic additives.

It reduces the amount of moisture in the environment by adsorption at certain capacities according to the relative humidity of the environment (dehumidifying air and gas) and eliminates the corrosion problems that can occur in storage, transportation and processes in the most economical way.

The scaling system of our active clay packages is determined as unit and our products are packed and sold on the basis of German Standard DIN 55473.

According to German Standard DIN 55473; 1 Unit active clay adsorbs 3 gr at 20% relative humidity, 6 gr at 40% relative humidity.

Technical Specifications:

Color: Red - White

Appearance: Granule

Particle Size: 0.5 - 0.4 mm

Bulk Density: 750-850 g/L

pH : 7-9

Humidity Adsorption: min. %16 (%40 relative humidity, 25˚C) min. 24 % (80% relative humidity,25˚C)

Packaging Features

It is packaged in various units from 1 to 16 by using special non-woven packaging material with breathing capability.