Cont Pack Plus Container Dryer

Cont Pack Plus Container Dryer

Due to the high temperature difference between day and night in the high humidity environments during near or overseas shipments, high density moisture and condensation (sweating) occur in the container. It is possible to to face this continuous condensation problem which is also called as container rainfall and resembles a rain environment in the container. ContPack with high moisture adsorption capacity capable of adsorbing 100% water vapor of its weight and ContPack Plus with high moisture adsorption capacity capable of adsorbing water vapor up to 300% of its weight are completely ecofriendly and can be used in a container for 60 - 80 days providing dryness at a significant level and protects your product or its package against this damaging effect. Thus, your products will remain safe from the moment they are manufactured until the time of delivery.

It provides continuous dryness by adsorbing excess moisture which is in the contents of the carton box, pallet etc. that are placed in the container, prevents mild, rust, bacterial growth and algae, prevents all kind ofs moisture and door problems.

By providing dry and healthy shipment environment, it protects your products and create a strong sense of trust in your customers.

With its special formulation and safe packaging, ContPack Plus effectively absorbs the moisture with a

dehumidification capacity of %300.

190 g, 380 g and 760 g of different sizes with strapped or non-strapped special wrappings are available.


For 20 feet container: 10 - 15 pcs of 380 g ContPack Plus

For 40 feet container: 20 - 25 pcs of 380 g ContPack Plus

Packaging Features:

Using special spunbonded non woven packaging material with breathable and waterproof features, it is packed and sold in air proof bags in different weights and sizes from 190 grams to 760 grams.