Corrosion and Rust Preventive Measures in Storage and Transportation

Corrosion and Rust Preventive Measures in Storage and Transportation

'We can classify the corrosion and corrosion prevention measures, protection forms and properties that we can propose to reach to the consumer as well as the day as well as the production of the products, machines and equipments that you produced and shipped abroad.

For Hermetic (Atmosfere Closed) Areas: In applications with a world standard DIN 55473 (German Norm) MIL D 3464E (American Norm) which we recommend for hermetic fields, the volumes of the atmospheric enclosed areas are calculated to give a volume of 1 m3 each 1 kg silica gel or 32 unit clay (2 packs of 16 unit clay) is applied to the applied water vapor in the volume is adsorbed and thus dry air is provided and oxidation is prevented.
For In-Container Volumes: Most of the products shipped world-wide require external packaging when shipped, which is often a container. The nature of the container is closed to the outside area. Although the inner package of the product and the product protectors in this inner packaging are the humid air in the container volume outside the inner packaging. With the increase in temperature in the container, the humid air can become water vapor and then it can be condensed into water and accumulate on the outer packaging of the product. These occurrences are called container rainfall and may cause bad appearance and damage to the outer packaging of the product. Our recommended product to prevent this is Cont Pack. Our Cont Pack product adsorbs water vapor up to 80% of its weight within 60 days thanks to its special content, preventing container rain.
The Outer Packaging of the Delivered Product: Protecting and valuing the products that you produce and shipped is also reserved in the quality and reliability of the outer packaging of the product. The outer packaging, which indicates how much you care about your product and how careful it is, must be both beautiful and safe and protective at a high level. For this, our company has 3 alternative proposals.

• VCI coated polyethylene: VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) evaporative corrosion inhibitor technology, which forms a protection alternative to rusting or oxidation except for formation of dry air, prevents oxidation due to the invisible film layer formed on the surface. This synthesized chemical is impregnated with paper and polyethylene and then applied to the market.

• Triplex Aluminum Packing (Polyethylene + Aluminum Foil + Polyester): This kind of coating has 3 layers of laminated and aluminum foil content and it has air and gas barrier feature. It provides both good and clean appearance of the packaging. Protect against rust and deterioration. The assembly of our product, which is produced in three dimensions according to the sizes of your product, is done by our team on site.

• VCI Triplex Aluminum Packaging (VCI Polyethylene + Aluminum Foil + Polyester) coating: This application combines the look and feel of aluminum foil and the protective effect of air, gas barrier and VCI polythene for high level and precision protection .