Desiamin 1700 VCI (Process Chemical)

Desiamin 1700 VCI is a concentrated water based anti-corrosion product. The organic corrosion inhibitors in it protect the metal surface for a long time even used at very low proportions. It is completely water-soluble, biogradable and not harmful to nature. Unlike inorganic corrosion inhibitors, it does not leave stains on the surface. Works in room temperature and does not require special equipment. It can be applied easily.

By virtue of its VCI inhibitors, it has long term protection against corrosion in steam phase even on the spots where the film gets thin or cannot easily reach.

Area of Application

- Shipment and stock applications in automative supplier industry

- Front protection applications in automative industry,

- Metal and machine industry,

- Long-lasting corrosion protection applications in indoor atmosphere,

- Short and medium term corrosion protection applications in outdoor atmosphere,

- In water-based pressure crack control systems,

As a contribution to water-based cutting fluids.