Desiclean 1000 VCI (Process Chemical)

Desiclean 1000 VCI, a water based degreasing extender, can take a very high amount of water to the water phase, even used at very low rates.

The effective anticorrosives in Desiclean 1000 VCI prevent corrosion of the metal surfaces when they are in cuvette. Works as a tampon against the pH decline which can be caused by microbial activities in the cuvette. The biocide in its formulation reduces microbial activity to minimum level.

In addition to providing protection in water phase with the corrosion inhibitors in its content, it is also effective against metal corrosion in the cuvette with its VCI properties.

Area of Application:

Degreasing metal surfaces before processing.

Removal of cutting fluids from metal surfaces after processing and between processes.