Desoil 607 VCI (VCI Oil)

It is a technological oil based product which provides effective protection against corrosion and with its VCI property it can be used as a preservative and lubricant.

Our low-viscosity, clean-looking product offers an economical use with its low film thickness, and its VCI inhibitors show high performance against corrosion in all conditions.

The inhibitors which can switch to vapour phase spread to the spots, where the oil film gets thin or cannot reach, and provide long-lasting corrosion protection in every spot. This unique feature creates a distinctive class in anti-corrosion oil technology.

Area of Application

- Shipment and stock applications in automative supplier industry

- Front protection applications in automative industry,

- Metal and machine industry,

- Maintenance, storage and shipment of weapons and components,

- In steel roll and plate applications,

- Long-lasting corrosion protection applications in indoor atmosphere,

- Short and medium term corrosion protection applications in outdoor atmosphere,

- Provides protection by spreading VCI vapour to unreachable blind holes and inextricable spots.