VCI Aluminium Triplex Barrier

ALPACK is a very special packaging material specifically designed for use in environments where a barrier against moisture is required.

By virtue of its special three layer structure which can provide both self-adherence and, air and moisture impermeability, ALPACK is vacuumable and can be used for ensuring full protection of materials in many industrial sector.

ALPACK products, which are optimised to have PET on top, aluminium in the middle and polyethylene at the bottom, can be used to produce small aluminium bags as well as very large aluminium packages.

As is known, all kinds of polyethylene packing material allow air permeability at a certain extent. ALPACK is the most effective solution in cases where it is desired that the materials transported in it do not suffer a slightest damage even at dense humidity and when no air flow is desired from outside to the inside of the package. The absence of aluminium permeability provides this specific area of use for ALPACK products.

Material Composition

Product Technicality:

PET (Polyester) : 12 micron

ALU (Aluminium) : 8 micron

PE (Polyethylene) : 100 micron

Physical Characteristics

Weight: 145g/m2

Vapor Permeability: 0.03g/m2.24h

Oxygen Permeability: ≤0,1 cc/m2.24h

Tear strength: 27 N/cm

Lamination Force:≥ 350g/inç

Welding Force: 50N/inch

Heat Tolerance: -40oC . 75oC

Adhesion Conditions: 150oC.2sn. , 2kg/cm2

Adhesive Power: 110 N/15mm , 150oC

Manufactured in accordance with MIL PRF 131K and MIL B 131H standards.

Packaging Type

ALPACK products are available in 50 kg coils with a width of 50 - 100 cm or as two or three dimensional bags in desired size.