VCI Liquid Raw Material

VCI multi Metal Liquid is the ideal blend of numerous VCI chemicals effective at protecting athmospheric corruption of various types metals.

Vaporizable corrosion inhibitors are the most economical way to protect metal products from corrosion during storage and shipment. Provides long-lasting protection by penetrating even the smallest cracks that cannot be reached by gruelling methods, such as coating with oil and wax.

VCI Multi Metal Liquid, has high concentrated VCI chemicals which can be applied to carriers such as VCI paper, sponge or foam.

VCI Multi Metal Liquid does not contain chemicals, that

are harmful to human health and environment, such as nitrite, chromate chlorinated solvent.

General Application Methods

VCI Lamination

VCI paper

VCI Foam

VCI Spray

Types of Metal on Which It Is Effective

Steel and other ferroalloys