VCI Powder Raw Material

DesiPowder 203 Vcı products are VCI corrosion inhibitors in powder form. Desi Powder 203, which is 100% concentrated, is designed to inhibit corrosion in areas such as unreachable extrusions, pits, cabins and pipe interiors.

- Does not contain any contents such as chromate, nitrate and heavy metal that is harmful to the environment or human health.

,- Provides long-lasting sustainable protection for up to 24 months,

- Protects the metal against corrosion by forming a long-lasting molecular film.

- With its anti-microbial feature, it is designed to prevent corruption and deterioration caused by microbial activity,

- The most effective way of application is pulverising in closed environments.

- Easily cleaned with compressed air and water.

- The active powder material evaporating during shipment keeps the film thickness steady. It also

provides effective protection for painted or coated surfaces.

Area of Application

Pipe, tube or cylindrical structures,

Inner surfaces of boiler, tank, motor and compressors,

Protection of equipments after hydrostatic tests,

Protection of big structures with large surface during shipment.