VCI Spray (Desicor 1000 VCI, Desicor 101 VCI)

VCI Spray (Desicor 1000 VCI, Desicor 101 VCI)

Desicor 1000 is an effective rust remover, jammed nut and bolt loosener, and surface cleaner product with its specially designed formulation for industrial and practical use. With high concentrated MoS2 and high penetrating oil in its content, it acts as an active lubricant in the deepest spots. Especially removes the rust from screw heads, nuts and bolts, penetrates into the deepest spots and will provide you with the ability to open jammed parts.

It can be used as rust and surface cleaner in machine parts, gears, mechanical parts and can also be used as an effective degreaser especially for cleaning greasy


It protects the metal effectively against any kind of corrosion with the thin protective layer formed on the surface after the process.

By virtue of its special inhibitors, it is very useful even in aggressive corrosive environments .