Desiclean 900 (Process Chemical)

Corroded products are considered to be scrap when they cannot be cleaned, which means serious financial loss. Rust removers must be used to compensate for this loss. Hot acids and hot alkalis (caustics) are commonly used for this. These extremely corrosive chemicals are excessively hazardous for both work safety and the environment. Desiclean 900 neutral rust remover product, which we have developed as Desi Chemicals in terms of human health and the importance we give to the environment,

- Removes rust from iron and steel surfaces quickly,

- Nontoxic, noncorrosive and nonflammable,

- Does not have solvent, acid, alkali or a harmful content,

- Biodegradable and not harmful to nature,

- Unlike acidic and alkali rust removers,

it does not keep rust again after applied.

- Does not damage non-metal surfaces such as plastic, PVC, and rubber.

-Does not erode non-rusty surfaces,

- Works in room temperature and does not require special equipment.

- Can be applied easily.